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                  Hit henan Yiheyuan drinks to create a new pattern of the beverage market

                  大健康時代,消費升級,優質生活已經成爲更多消費者追捧的理念,大家不僅僅隻滿足于它的味道,更多的是它的營銷搭配、綠色健康!河南益和源飲品一經上市備受關注,重磅直擊開創飲料市場新格局 !品質保障值得信賴益和源飲品通過了...

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                  • Vegetable protein beverage series

                    Protein series

                  • Lactic acid bacteria drinks series

                    Fruit juice series

                  • Soda water series

                    Milk series

                  • Energy drink series

                    Soda water series

                  • Fruit juice beverage series

                    Energy drink

                  • Milk drinks series

                    Milk drinks Series

                  Approach yihe Source

                  Henan Yiheyuan Beverage Co., Ltd. is a medium-sized private enterprise specializing in r&d, production and processing of energy drinks and vegetable protein. The company was founded in 2004, set up in the hometown of Yugong Mountain - Jiyuan City, Henan Province. The total investment is 35 million yuan, covering an area of 20,000 square meters. Current staff: 30...

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